Handsman – The complete DIY store


(side note: Wow, I wondered if I would ever get back to updating my blog. As it turned out, which I had quite adamantly didn’t want it to happen, I lapsed in updating… Continue reading

Meizan-cho (a mix of cafes and traditional restaurants in Kagoshima)

Search Meizan-cho with Kagoshima online and you wouldn’t find much about it, if anything. Is it then some sort of serendipity that we stumbled about this area in the same magazine that featured… Continue reading

Preparing the Rice Field

Rice, or Kome in Japanese, is supremely important in the lives of Japanese people. Almost everywhere in Japan you can see rice fields, whether it is in large farm plots or even small pockets of… Continue reading

Terukuni-cho and Shiroyama

As the saying goes, when god gives you lemon, you make lemonade. And when it is rainy day on our day off, we do our best to explore indoor places! And what a… Continue reading

Weeding Works

The featured image shows a hidden path that has been overgrown with weeds. How does it look like without the weeds? This…   We were totally surprised when our wwoof farm host first… Continue reading

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour

It is always exciting to visit the local fish market of a country, the hustle and bustle of fishmongers moving their fishes about and preparing them for sale. We were fortunate to have… Continue reading

Tenmonkan, Kagoshima

Tenmonkan 天文間 is by far the most vibrant area in Kagoshima City for shopping and especially for food. You can easily get lost wandering the different lanes and streets that interconnects within the Tenmonkan area,… Continue reading

School’s out, Potatoes’ in

Our wwoof farm host believes deeply in thinking on how to make his businesses better. Gando farm is not just a farm to grow crops, since he don’t sell them and only use it… Continue reading

Growing Bittergourd, Eggplants, Italian Parsley

As the Chinese saying goes, 苦口良药, translates into: bitter for the mouth makes good medicine. And this can be said for Bittergourd (Goya in Japanese), a good source of nutrients and vitamins. Not… Continue reading